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Exploring the Relationship Between Employee Well-being and Workplace Safety Measures and its impact on occupational health and safety performance in the Aviation Industry in the Middle East


Eiman Alhmoudi1, Dr. Noor Un Nisa2

Exeed College, Westford Education Group, Sharjah


This research investigates the dynamic relationship between employee well-being and workplace safety measures within the Middle East’s aviation industry. With a focus on enhancing safety protocols and overall employee satisfaction, the study evaluates existing safety practices, explores their impact on well-being, and analyses their influence on occupational health and safety performance. Utilizing surveys and robust data analysis, the research identifies current challenges and proposes tailored safety interventions for a holistic approach to employee welfare. Key findings underscore the importance of targeted safety measures to support both physical and psychological well-being in the aviation sector. The dissertation concludes with practical implications, theoretical contributions, and recommendations for future research, providing valuable insights for stakeholders committed to fostering a safer and healthier aviation workforce.

Keywords: Employee Well-being, Workplace Safety, Aviation Industry, Occupational Health and Safety, Safety Protocols, Safety Measures, Employee Satisfaction, Middle East, Survey, Data Analysis.