International Scientific and Innovative Research Publisher


ISIR PUBLISHER is a global publisher dedicated to providing an ‘expert review’ platform for world-class researchers and scientists who want to share their discoveries for the betterment of society to stimulate discussion and provide a learning space

ISIR is an international scientific and innovative research publisher led by an Editorial Board made up of experts from around the world. All articles are subject to an in-depth peer review process while adhering to all ethical standards to ensure the highest standards of publishing. One of the fundamental duties of the ISIR Team is to ensure the integrity of the publication. The team rigorously reviews the suitability and originality of the manuscript for the purpose of publishing. Our Editors ensure the transparency of the research; evaluate the manuscript for its scientific merit; ensure that the content is free of any form of discrimination; and evaluate information objectively and without any commercial interest.

Our publications scope covers various disciplines related to the science, medicine, and technology. Moreover, because of the broad range of articles, journals are updated on the regular basis. The organization was founded in 2024 with the sole reason of publishing qualitative open access journals that everyone can easily access online without financial obstacles.