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Regulatory evolution and Hedge Funds innovation: The key regulatory role of the Moroccan Capital Market Authority


Sanae Serghini Anbari

PhD Candidate Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences University Mohammed V Rabat Agdal


Attracting hedge funds is a matter of balancing financial innovation with investor protection, reflecting global trends and investment complexities. Central to this is the Moroccan Capital Market Authority, whose modernization through key legal reforms aims to enhance efficiency and global competitiveness. The AMMC’s additionally plays a key role in promoting financial literacy and putting forward proactive measures to adapt to the burgeoning realm of FinTech and sustainable finance, which collectively strengthen Morocco’s financial market’s inclusivity, innovation, and sustainability. The AMMC’s comprehensive and adaptive approach signifies its pivotal role in steering the Moroccan financial sector towards a future of heightened global integration and economic robustness, consequently fostering an attractive regulatory environment for Hedge Funds.

Key words: Hedge funds – Regulation – Financial markets – Market regulator – Market transparency – Legislative reforms – Morocco  – Investment funds – Equity markets – Debt markets – Capital markets – Portfolio diversification – Market oversight – Compliance